Experience well preserved eco-systems, picture-postcard towns, endless stretches of white sand, and a rustic, easy going way of life.


Experience well preserved eco-systems, picture-postcard towns, endless stretches of white sand, and a rustic, easy going way of life.


A jewel in the crown of Latin America, Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands. Declared the ‘most beautiful land ever seen’ by Christopher Columbus, it is said, this archipelago is studded with colourful colonial architecture and sits amid sublime turquoise seas. With a turbulent revolutionary heritage, the resilient Cuban people are unlike any other - with a fierce sense of individuality, a great sense of humour and a knack for producing the world’s finest cocktails and cigars.

Why travel with us ?

We have been organising group and tailor-made tours of Cuba for many years and know this complex and fascinating country inside out. By collaborating with trusted local partners, we ensure that your experiences in Cuba are authentic and memorable.

Staying in a casa particular - think Cuban B&B - is an integral part of the Cuban experience and we have specifically designed our itineraries using such accommodation. From cosy cottage-style casas in Viñales to airy colonial casas in Trinidad, you will get a fascinating insight into daily Cuban family life. By staying in casas we can also ensure that the money goes directly to the families with whom you stay.

While a visit to the west of Cuba will provide a varied and fulfilling experience, Cuba's underrated east offers a completely different perspective on the island. Our Cuban Odyssey tour provides a unique opportunity to experience the little-visited city of Camagüey, as well as Santiago de Cuba and picturesque Baracoa - an opportunity not to be missed.

Fancy a few extra days on Cuba's pristine beaches to reflect on your experiences, perhaps with an ice-cold mojito in hand? Are you fascinated by Cuba's revolutionary history and keen to see the former prison on Isla de la Juventud where Fidel Castro was once incarcerated? We have endless options for extensions as well as tailor-made tours in Cuba, so get in touch with our friendly travel specialists and start planning your Cuban adventure.
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Quick Facts

Capital: Havana
Population: Around 11.5 million
Languages: Spanish

Celebrate Havana's 500th anniversary on 16 November 2019!

On 16 November 1519 Havana was founded under the cooling shade of a ceiba tree in El Templete, where the first mass and council meeting were held. The city was given the full name of "San Cristobal de La Habana" and the site remains honoured by "habaneros" as a mystical and sacred place today. Some even believe the place has magical properties and circle the ceiba tree three times whilst asking for wishes. In the city that was voted 'Wonder City of the World' the celebrations of the anniversary are set to be huge! To make sure you don't miss out on what is set to be an experience of a lifetime, we have made sure that many of our Cuba departures in 2019 coincide with the celebrations. Check out our Cuba tours below for more information on our itineraries.

In celebration of the anniversary the city is having a make over. The local government has a plan to spruce it up, improve and expand its green spaces, implement a better waste management system and enhance living conditions for hundreds of its inhabitants, and much more. The preparations started well ahead of time, with the restoration of over 600 buildings and tourist attractions in Old Havana beginning as early as 2017.

Responsible travel is important to us at Travel The Unknown. Our Cuba tours are unique in many ways, but most importantly, where our travellers stay. The Cuban equivalent of a 'homestay' is a 'casa particular'. These are private family homes in which the owner rents their rooms to paying guests. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of your host's local knowledge, whilst being welcomed into a family environment, and crucially funding responsible travel in a much needed area. We are proud to say that all of our tours use 'casa particulares' for every night of your stay. On our Eastern Cuba Explorer tour we stop at Alejandro de Humboldt National Park. The park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for almost two decades due to its vast wealth of plant and animal life. The economic support that responsible tourism brings here plays a significant part in the maintaining of the park and the well-being of the wildlife that call this place home. Check out our various tours to Cuba for more information on our itineraries and how we are involved with responsible tourism.

Meet Emma - our Cuba specialist

Emma has developed our Cuba tours and lived in Cuba for one year

"Cuba holds a very special place in my heart. From the crumbling charm of Havana to the rolling tobacco plantations of Viñales, the powder-soft beaches of Varadero and the isolated coastal town of Baracoa, there is truly something for everyone on this unique island. The real joy for me was getting to know the friendly and resourceful Cuban people, who confronted daily hardships with a cheeky smile and joke - a lesson for us all!"

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